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Energy Storage Capabilities

Whether your energy storage project is containerised, purpose built, stand alone or co-located with a generation facility (such as solar PV, wind or CHP) we have the experience to get you connected.

We can provide all requirements for your energy storage project from the design through to the delivery. We can either construct the buildings or prepare the site to accept containers, create the grid connection required, source the batteries and inverters and all you have to do is decide on a specialist software provider of your choice. We can even help with that if required.

To date we have delivered or are in the process of delivering;

6MW SMS Facility at Leighton Buzzard for UKPN
49MW Purpose built “Big Battery” at Roosecote for Centrica
35MW Containerised facility at Port of Tyne for RES


Energy Storage Capabilities

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Construction work at Roosecote - Latest pictures
Progress continues on the building for Centrica of the “Barrow Big Battery” with the steel work for the building frame...

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