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Our in house design engineers are experienced in both the DNO Power Networks Industry in the UK and Private Electrical Networks

Our Services Include:


Structural engineering, piling design, design of transformer bunds, plinths and enclosures including oil containment calculations, design of switch rooms and control rooms, structural steelwork design, portal frame buildings, brick built buildings, reinforced concrete, roadways, drainage and fencing.


Production of substation and plant layouts, designing to industry and client speci c electrical safety clearances, bespoke design of structures, bus bar design and speci cation, production of bar and clamp schedules, multicore layouts, cable containment design, trough design, earthing design and layout, heating, lighting and ventilation design, mapping and cable route design and layout.


Applications engineering, SCADA I/O schedules, production of multicore schedules/ termination diagrams, design and speci cation of electrical and mechanical interlocking, relay speci cation, relay panel design, protection coordination/settings reports, production of main connections & protection diagrams, design and development of AC & DC schemes, speci cation of DC battery/charger systems and DC distribution, approval and integration of manufacturers drawings.


Cable rating, Earthing, Harmonics, Power quality P28 ( icker, transformer energisation and voltage step change) and all other generation compliance studies.

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