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I thought the only company who could install and connect my electricity supply was the local network / supply company known as the DNO (Distribution Network Operator)?

No, the regulator OFGEM have created an open competitive market and as an ICP / UCP we can provide this service for you.

What’s an ICP / UCP?

ICP stands for Independent Connections Provider, UCP stands for Utility Connections Provider and as such we are skilled, experienced and accredited to do the work for you.

So can anyone do this work?

No, not only are we experienced in this type of work, we are also accredited through Lloyds Register NERS (National Electricity Registration Scheme) to ensure we are recognised as being competent to complete this work for you.

So we only have to come to you as a single contact?

Yes, it’s that easy, all we need are the details of your requirements a site plan and location, load or generation requirements and POC (Point of Connection).

What’s a POC?

This is the point of connection where your new supply is connected to the existing electricity network.

How do I request a POC?

You request a POC from the local host network owner or DNO (Distribution Network Operator) by providing them with load and site details. They will then calculate where this can be connected to their network and provide you with this location and a price for the non contestable works.

What do the terms Contestable and Non Contestable works mean?

Most of the work required for your new supply is known a contestable work. We will complete this for you, which will include supply, install, commissioning and connection of your new supply to the existing network. In some instances the host DNO has to complete some of the works on their equipment which they restrict solely to their operators or chosen contractors this work is known as Non Contestable Works.

I just want a supply, why should I have to sort out different types of work?

You don’t have to, we will do all that for you. Once we have all your site / load details and POC we will do the rest, including liaison to ensure you obtain appropriate legal consents and deal with the DNO for any works they have to do to support your supply connection.

What benefits will I get from using your services?

In most instances our price and commercial terms will be more competitive than those offered by a DNO. Also we are interested in solving your problems and providing you with options as well as an excellent end to end service. We do this by tailoring what we do to meet your needs, providing you with a single point of contact supported by a simple process. We will also supply, install and commission high voltage equipment on your site as / if required which the host DNO’s are not interested in.

Who will own the equipment installed?

Most of the equipment will be adopted by an asset owner (either the local DNO) which is normally from the point of connection to the point where your supply is metered. We will complete all the appropriate documentation as part of our project completion process.

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